Footscray & District Poultry Club Inc.


Next Meeting  2.00 pm on Sunday 12th November 2017, will have guests attending to form the Committee of a new Poultry Club...Dutch Bantam Club of Australia Inc......Dutch Bantams have just recently arrived in Australia, imported from UK. Footscray & District Poultry Club Inc. have supported this new breed at our shows and are pleased to also be able to assist with a venue to bring together exhibitor/breeders to initiate their first Administrative Committee   


      Membership Application or Renewal Form

Download a Footscray & District / Sussex Club Membership form.

 Due to Australia Post's revised policies and increased costs we no longer communicate via land mail unless self addressed stamped envelope is supplied.  


On the second Sunday of each month  at 2.00 pm

 A casual “Get together to discuss poultry” 

Bring any bird or anything else poultry related along on Sunday for group discussion, advice, or general interest....... kettle will be on, bring a plate to share.

 Directions to Clubrooms and Pavilion.             Coming from Melbourne.

Exit  Freeway. Continue along The Avenue (Main St.) until roundabout. Turn left  Grant St. and at the next roundabout, prior to railway crossing, turn right along Griffiths St.  As this road leaves town (cemetery on left) road changes  to Bacchus Marsh-Balliang Rd.  Continue approx three kilometres and you will see the West Golf Club on right. [Situated on same  reserve ]  Next gate on right past Golf Club, (opposite Kerrs Rd.) takes you into Harness Track

CONTACT: Secretary Jan Motherwell



 Agenda will be available for download or view  here the week prior to meeting 

Social Meetings are held on the Second Sunday of each month 

 These are Poultry Info & Learning Meetings......everyone welcome   

Bring a bird or two for comment and advice

Bring something ready to serve & share with a cuppa or cold drink   

    Sunday Meetings will be Bird Days, Poultry Health &  Husbandry etc. 

Every one is welcome...bring a friend or family..


  Club Meetings are the second Sunday of each   month at 2.00 pm at our Bacchus Marsh  Clubrooms....drop in


Our club holds meetings on the second Sunday of each month, starting at 2.00pm and concluding around 4.30pm. Our club is a not-for-profit community group consisting of members all with a common interest in poultry.

We rely on member input to provide monthly meetings, two Poultry Competition/Exhibitions, Early Show on the third Saturday in May and Annual Show on the fourth Saturday in July. We also offer two Helmsman Poultry Auctions each year. 

All of these events operate on a "Getting back what you are willing to put in" basis. We require participants to "Join up and Join in" to make our club a successful organisation, so try to attend meetings and share in the work and the fun!!  

If you have birds that you would like comment or advice on re mating or showing, bring them along for some member input.  

We are always open to suggestions for an interesting topic or activity for these meetings, so let us know what activities you would like to participate in.  

Come along to our next meeting, bring a friend or two, every-one is welcome. 

Bring a plate to share with a cuppa at end of day.

Members Meetings are held second Sunday of each month  These Meetings are at our Clubrooms/Pavilion located at Bacchus Marsh  (see link to directions above) 

Annual Membership Fees

Annual Membership applies from the first day of January through to the last day of December . 

Junior Membership is available to children aged sixteen years or under in year of paying dues. Juniors are to be accompanied by Parent or Guardian at all times while participating in any club event or meeting.

Notice re Annual General Meeting will no longer be sent via Australia Post Mail unless a stamped addressed envelope is supplied prior to 1st December.


 Single Membership $ 10.00
 Dual Membership $ 15.00
 Family Membership $ 15.00
 Junior Membership $  5.00


Associate  Membership 

Single, Duel, or Family

    (with no voting entitlements)

 $  5.00





Member Benefits

  • Connection for like minded poultry enthusiasts to get together and enjoy an interesting pastime, implementing shows, auctions, seminars for each and all, through a combination of skills and effort. In a nutshell "Members get back what they put in" 
  • Link to our Members' Lounge, allowing access to:
  • Latest News, Show Results, Updated Events Calendar and many links to Poultry related informative sites, from incubation to heath and husbandry.
  • Advice assistance and mentoring, from other Members.
  • Free 'Sales'  and  'Wanted' advertising on our "Members Lounge Site" to aid in selling or purchasing stock or equipment.
  • Free Classifieds 'Sales'  and  'Wanted' on our Sussex Club of Australia Website.
  • Early and Annual Show Schedules available as download.
  • Opportunity to do your share to preserve the genetic pool of purebred poultry.
  • Associate Only Membership, for those that do not wish to be involved with Club Duties, Working Bee Participation, comes without voting entitlements.
  • This is a Non-profit Association, members get back what they are prepared to put in. Non-Associate Members , e.g. voting entitlements are expected to assist with the day to day running of club meetings and events.

Our group is a non-profit incorporated association of volunteers

We should consider ourseves priviliged to have so many regional Clubs hosting weekly shows across the State.   Clubs all need support to provide you with your hobby.  All membership money is minimal only and virtually only covers record keeping of such membership. Entry fees only basically cover the day.

      Shows take an enourmous amount of club members, exhibitors like yourself, time and effort, giving you a show to participate in.  Club Shows are not commercial ventures, and have no administration to carry the burden, existing only on like minded people all working together to provide this great hobby.

            Each exhibitor must be prepared to put in equal to that which they receive or show participation will become a thing of the past. Seems a lot of Clubs are getting short on "hands on" members. Our hobby requires  younger exhibitors to become more involved, stepping up and taking on more of the physical work along with all taking on a share of the administration side.